We want you to GET PAID for doing what you already do.

Every day Social Media giants take billions of your data points and either turn around and sell the data points in bundles or they sell your time and attention via advertisements.
Simply put, we're here to provide the best platform that allows you to get your cut of that money!

So, what is GP Social?

GP Social is here to change how social media is done forever. We believe that the "User as a Product" model for Social Media is as predatory as it is antequated and that our "User as a Stakeholder" will result in an all around better experience.

Everything you want & Nothing you don't!

Everything you want & Nothing you don't!

Get to know us

What is GP Social?

GP believes in a few core principals to guide its decision making.

The free exchange of ideas is vital to any community
Sometimes in life people will disagree with each other in drastic ways, but that doesn't mean either view should be silenced. We believe censoring unpopular ideas may breathe MORE life to dangerous ideas and breaks down trust in platforms. We are committed to upholding free speech on our platform at all costs.*(See Rules Below)
Ethical can be Premium
Just because GP was created on an idea doesn't mean you should have to struggle to use it. At GP we want to create all of the features you've come to love and expect from any Social Media platform such as posting multiple images and videos or sharing content that you like with your friends or followers.
At GP you aren't the product, you're a stakeholder
We designed GP from the ground up to break the modern idea of Social Media that, in our opinion, exploits end users to being unpaid data generators. We believe that you deserve to control that flow of data and definitely deserve a cut of the value.
Platform > Company
GP's end goal is to be a user friendly platform for the world. We have set our pricing to be affordable for the average person while keeping our doors open and lights on. We aren't here to bring profits to shareholders, we're here to bring profits TO YOU and keep your data in safe hands.
Where we stand

Our Rules

We don't ask for much, but what we do ask for, we expect fully.

1. No Child Porn
Insta Lifetime Ban & Legal Recourse & "The Hunt"

This is a no brainer. Any uploads containing pornographic content of minors will result in an instant lifetime ban, a forfeiture of all assets earned on GP, and our digital forensics teams will provide local authorities with relevant information to aid in any investigations. If we are able to find your physical location, good luck.

2. No Doxxing / Direct & Actionable threats
Ban & Legal Recourse

We understand that people get angry and can disagree passionately but a line is drawn when personal well-being is threatened. Let's take Dane for example. Let's say we hate Dane and think he is wrong about everything. It is rude but allowed to say "I wish bad things would happen to Dane". BUT if you say "Dane lives at 123 Fake Street and/or hey let's go get him" then you have crossed a dangerous line that could result in real danger. This may result in bans from the platform and/or cooperation with relevant law enforcement.

3. Don't F$#@ with cats
Lifetime Ban & Legal Recourse

We say don't f with cats but this is a catch all for all ongoing and active threats for animal abuse. Malicious treatment of animals may be subject to a ban and could be shared with relevant law enforcement.

4. Only you can prevent SPAM

Free speech can't occur if every conversation is obliterated with endless, malicious, and/or meaningless spam messages that may contain infected links. We will work to give you the power to obfiscate or completely hide unwanted spam while on our platform. We believe you know best when it comes to identifying issues in the communities you love most.